How I work

I work collaboratively with you so that you can develop a deeper understanding of yourself and feel empowered to listen and respond to your needs.

I trained at the Iron Mill College in Exeter as an integrative counsellor. My approach is person-centred, which means I’m led by my client and there are three things that create a foundation for my work: empathy, non-judgement and congruence (being real and authentic). I am trained in a number of therapy styles, which I integrate, or blend, into my practice, depending on what is right for my client. I am particularly interested in Transactional Analysis and Gestalt.

Human personality is formed in relationship… Our sense of ourselves, be that strong and robust or fragile and unstable, is dependent on, and formed by, that relationship with self and other.

Lapworth & Sills

Clio Fitzherbert smiling.

There is no ’fixing’ in therapy. It is a process of connection. I walk alongside my clients, building a safe, healthy relationship so they can explore and understand themselves better. This helps clients connect to themselves.


Tools and techniques

I believe events in the past can influence the way a person thinks, feels and behaves in the present. Using tools such as timelines and narrative therapy can help you explore these past stories and notice patterns of behaviour. If a client is interested in creative work, such as drawing, sand tray or empty chair work, we can bring this into our sessions at the right time for the client.

It's interesting how our response to stress (when our body goes into survival or fight/flight mode) can affect our behaviour and relationships. Together we can start to notice these responses and find tools to calm, such as breathing and grounding techniques.

Relationship is at the heart of what I do

In our work together, the therapeutic relationship is our foundation. Humans are social, we are ‘wired to connect’ and counselling offers a safe space to connect and gently explore how we are in relationship.

We are wired to connect.

Daniel Goleman

My therapy is collaborative. A person’s realisations run deeper than anything they’ve been told. Therapy creates an opportunity to build a trusting relationship. This can then help you trust your own process and feel safe and held enough to express, reflect, become more self aware and connect to your true self.

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